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Embarrassed by your feet? Don’t be!

Embarrassed by your feet? Don’t be!

Embarrassed by your feet? Don’t be! 1024 681 Laura

Are you embarrassed by your feet?

In my experience, a lot of people dislike their feet and can be initially uncomfortable when undergoing an assessment or treatment with a podiatrist. Feet can be quite an embarrassment for some people, even when there’s nothing unusual or bad about them.

And with most people suffering from a form of foot-related ailment at some point in their life and with conditions such as fungal nail infections and athlete’s foot causing visible changes to your feet, it’s easy to see why someone might feel temporarily embarrassed.

Your feet take a lot of stress during the day

But your feet do a lot of work! On average, you’ll take about 8,000 steps a day. Your feet carry your entire body weight and do a fantastic job at keeping you mobile, so why the embarrassment?

Part of the taboo around feet is that people don’t tend to think about them or take great care of them until something goes wrong – and no one likes to admit they’ve messed up! For example, whilst many women will spend time painting and polishing their toe nails, the rest of the foot tends to be largely neglected and issues can quickly creep up without proper preventative care.

A proactive approach to caring for your feet won’t just prevent a feeling of embarrassment, it’ll play a significant role in maintaining your whole body health. This approach might be different for each individual, but with the right TLC, your feet will feel great and look good. A combination of self-care and – when required – the care of a professional podiatrist will help maintain your feet in the best condition.

Take care of your feet

Taking care of your feet is simple and getting into the routine of looking after your feet will help prevent potentially embarrassing conditions.

  • Wash your feet often – the warm, sweaty environment of your feet can cause bacteria to build up, creating odours and possible infections.
  • Dry your feet thoroughly – again, the moisture can cause a build-up of bacteria and lead to conditions such as fungal infections.
  • Moisturise – keep the skin on your feet moisturised and remove hard skin and calluses with a pumice stone or file.
  • Trim your nails – cut them properly to prevent ingrown toenails.
  • Buy shoes in the afternoon – your feet swell during the day, so always buy shoes to fit your feet in the afternoon.
  • Working on your feet – if you work on your feet, sensible and appropriate footwear is a must to prevent discomfort. If you wear heels, vary the height regularly and change out of high shoes into comfortable shoes often.
  • Don’t wear heels all the time – your body weight can increase significantly on the ball of your feet when wearing heels, so restrict wearing them to special occasions.
  • Change your socks – your socks will wick sweat away from your feet, but they’ll also keep your feet in a warm, moist condition leading to a build-up of odour-causing bacteria.
  • Be aware of public areas – wear flip flops or similar when in public areas, such as swimming pools, public bathrooms or communal showers as verrucas and athlete’s foot can be spread easily.

Don’t be too embarrassed to ask help

When your feet need attention, it really isn’t the right time to hide them away. Seek proper advice, attention or treatment at the right time to prevent issues from worsening and ensure your feet stay healthy. Don’t suffer for the sake of embarrassment!

Podiatrists like me see all sorts of feet in all sorts of conditions, every day. We’re not here to judge, we’re here to help you keep your feet healthy.

A little help from a podiatrist can go a long way to keeping your feet fresh!

For advice, consultation and treatment for your feet, you can contact Laura at A Step Ahead Podiatry on 0330 311 0599. Consultations and treatments are delivered in the comfort of your own home and A Step Ahead covers Glasgow and East Kilbride (we can also cover other areas – please contact us to check if we cover your area).

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