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Sun’s Out, Toes Out: Summer Foot Care Advice

Sun’s Out, Toes Out: Summer Foot Care Advice

Sun’s Out, Toes Out: Summer Foot Care Advice 1024 682 Laura

It’s currently HOT, HOT, HOT across the UK and forecasters are telling us it’s set to continue through the summer (although some of you might be worrying about how a carbon dioxide shortage might affect your BBQ and drinking plans!).

Although it is beautiful outside, hot weather means you need to take more care than usual of your body. Your feet, in particular, could benefit from a wee bit of extra TLC whilst the sun is shining, so here are my five top tips for summer foot care.


1. Wash your feet often – and dry them well.

The warmth and moisture around your feet are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. It might seem pretty obvious, but regularly washing will remove sweat residue, excess moisture and prevent the build up of any potential nasties!

Warm, soapy water is enough to give your feet a good cleanse, but don’t be tempted to soak them for too long or you might destroy the skin’s natural oils which help to protect your feet.


2. Be sensible about your choice of shoes.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear your favourite sandals just because it’s hot, but think about how comfortable you will be after a few hours in the heat! Hot, sweaty feet aren’t just uncomfortable (see above!) so choose breathable  footwear to keep cool and comfortable.

If opting for something a bit more stylish and summery, we would recommend that you choose a shoe that isn’t too flat, yes a slight wedge is acceptable, has support for the arch of your feet and has a strap securing the shoe to your foot. This will help prevent injuries and aches while keeping cool in this hot weather.


3. Don’t kick up a stink

Change your socks daily (or more often, if necessary) to keep your feet fresh and prevent the build-up of bacteria which can cause foot odour. Cotton socks will help keep your feet cooler in the summer and help evaporate sweat from the skin. If your feet feel a bit too sweaty, surgical spirit works a treat to help dry them up.


4. Swimming or gym-ing? Watch the floor!

This one is a good piece of year-round advice, but with hot temperatures the potential for bacterial and viruses to build up in areas such as gym changing rooms and around facilities such as saunas, pools and hot tubs, it’s really worth pointing this out for the summer.

When visiting communal changing areas, always wear footwear to prevent catching athlete’s foot or verrucas.


5. Deal with foot problems sooner, not later.

A small problem with your feet could become a much bigger one if left unchecked. If you’re experiencing any issues with your feet, consult your GP or book a podiatry consultation to ensure you get the right advice, treatment and support.

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